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Adhere to quality, adhere to quality integrity

The year 2020 has just begun, but it is an unforgettable year for the Chinese people. A sudden new coronavirus broke the original tranquility, followed by the closure of the city and the national anti-epidemic. In this "war" against the epidemic of the whole people, let us see that China's power is strong. Under the leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary, we won the epidemic. In this war epidemic, enterprises also understand the importance of integrity to enterprises. The annual 3.15 party is an annual event for consumers to defend their rights, but this year, in order to do their best to prevent and control new coronary pneumonia, the 3.15 party cannot be held as scheduled, but many companies have been on the road of doing business with integrity OK.

Fight against the epidemic, resume production and resume work

On February 10th, LeCroy Pumps had met the requirements for epidemic prevention and ushered in the resumption of work on the first day after the holiday. LeCroy pumps fully carry forward the spirit of "epidemic disease", strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic situation, the whole office building and all workshops are fully disinfected without dead corners, employees enter the factory in an orderly manner, and measure the body temperature one by one. . Regarding the development of the work, avoiding face-to-face contact of personnel, fully implementing the current goals, WeChat, telephone and other paths. For important meetings, the headquarters and various branches take telephone video conferences. Each workshop of LeCroy Pumps has also gradually resumed normal production and is rushing to order in a tight and orderly manner.

LeCroy Pumps Helps Togo Stadium Maintenance Project Complete Successfully

Recently, China's aid to the construction of the Togo Stadium maintenance project was successfully completed. The project has passed the test of actual operation, and the leaders of both China and China have fully affirmed and highly evaluated the overall effect of the stadium. Togo Stadium covers an area of 14.5 hectares, with a total construction area of about 36,000 square meters and 30,000 seats. It is the largest comprehensive stadium in Togo. Togo uses it as a national stadium for holding Togo’s domestic large-scale sports events and regional international competitions, and the project is of great significance. The repaired stadium's ability to host various sporting events has been greatly improved. It will be the main venue for the World Cup qualifiers, the African Cup and the African Champions League. At the same time, the track and field will also obtain the "IAAF Class 2 Venue Certification" certificate.

LeCroy Pumps Helps Liberia Roberts International Airport Upgrade and Transformation Project Complete Successfully

A few days ago, the handover ceremony of the Liberia Roberts International Airport Upgrade and Reconstruction Project was held, which was another result of the win-win cooperation between China and Liberia. With the new terminal building in the shape of "Peace Pigeon", a bright waiting hall, complete supporting facilities, and a smooth airstrip, Liberia's only international airport has been completely renovated. "Welcome to our new airport, which is no longer a small airport now." Liberian President George Via said at the handover ceremony that before every foreign guest came, they would be surprised that an airport in the capital of a country could So backward, "Now we can finally welcome visitors from all directions with confidence."
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